Britanski minister za znanost napoveduje politiko odprtega dostopa UKRI

This is a policy that will achieve the government’s ambition, set out in the R&D Roadmap, of full and immediate open access for research articles – so from the day of publication, the results of UKRI-funded research are available for all. This policy will ensure that the results of UKRI-funded research are made as freely available as possible – not just for reading, but for reusing and recombining with other results, and creating the shared repository of human knowledge that will unlock the potential of even more people, in the UK and abroad, to learn, to discover, and find innovative new solutions to our most pressing problems.

UKRI objavlja novo politiko odprtega dostopa

Politika odprtega dostopa UKRI

RLUK pozdravlja objavo nove politike odprtega dostopa UKRI

Nova politika UKRI je pomembna za raziskave odprtega dostopa